We are different because...

We at Bulgaria Plus are a team of professionals, specializing in IT and web services and solutions and outsourced customer service for the business as we mainly work with medium-sized and small businesses and companies. The company is established over a decade ago in Bulgaria, but we work on the international market and undertake projects worldwide. We offer development, design, creation and support of a number of IT systems and products, software and applications, websites and online platforms, SEO and CMS services, as well as high-quality outsourced call centre and customer services.

Bulgaria Plus is proud of a reputable and reliable reputation, thanks to our on-time and on-budget, spot-on and high-quality performance and work, as well as individual approach to each client and each project. We constantly add new professionals to our team, therefore, we are able to undertake all sorts of projects and finish them on time and also offer a variety of IT and customer service skills and talents.

Our goal is to support every business with the help of IT technologies and products, as well as outstanding customer service and communication with the clients. By doing so, we are able to increase the efficiency of your business and its success, while helping you be able to offer better products or services to your clients and attract new ones. We believe that no matter the industry or field your business operates in, better financial results and revenue and more efficiency can be achieved with the help of our reliable approach and performance and our professionalism, the way we tailor each service to the individual needs of the specific business.

We do understand that each and every one of our clients, as well as each company, has its individual needs, requirements, specifics and budget. Therefore, we believe that each project must be approached individually so the products and services delivered by us are truly fitting to the business and truly supporting it. Bulgaria Plus offers flexible IT plans that are fitting your budget, so we can offer the best solutions and best choices to every business whenever you decide to work with us.

It is our mission to offer a professional approach and expert support to each client and in every step of the process of creating individual projects for our clients. We believe and do ensure professionalism all the way, no matter if it comes to communication, project management, development and integration of IT systems, products, software and applications, IT services and support, call centre and customer services. You can trust us in every step of the project.